Blog Tuesday

September 23, 2015

Well, I completely dropped the ball on Blog Tuesday.  Shaun and I went on our ten-year anniversary trip this past weekend and got back Monday.  My plate yesterday was so full that it was spilling over the edges.  So for that, I apologize.  But let’s be real.  We all have weeks where we just can’t do it all, be it all, get it all done.  And sometimes, you just have to be ok with that.  No one needs perfection.  They just need your best.  So while I dropped the ball on Blog Tuesday, I did answer emails, took care of my kids, cooked dinner, went to three meetings, and had meaningful conversation with my husband.  I consider that a very productive day.  Sometimes you just have to prioritize.  🙂  So until next Tuesday, here’s to a happy Wednesday, and a few photos from this past weekend!


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