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October 5, 2016

I wanted to give you a Cotton Session Sneak Peek until the rest of them are ready to be displayed for the world to see! ūüėČ ¬†This year’s Cotton Sessions were so so fun. ¬†The cotton was beautiful and the weather was perfect. ¬†I wanted to go ahead and showcase two of my “adopted” boys. ¬†They aren’t biologically mine, but I’d claim them in a heartbeat. ¬†They’re pretty much family. ¬†ūüôā ¬†We had two days of cotton fun and I can’t wait to schedule the next round of Specialty Sessions. ¬†Make sure you get the info first by signing up for the monthly newsletter! ¬†You can sign up HERE!

Cotton Sessions Tuscaloosa Alabama Cotton Sessions Tuscaloosa Alabama Cotton Sessions Tuscaloosa Alabama Cotton Sessions Tuscaloosa Alabama Cotton Sessions Tuscaloosa Alabama


September 27, 2016


My newest adventure is the launching of Creative Activator. To activate means: (verb) to make something active or operative. I’ve had the opportunity to help various small businesses and entrepreneurs bring their visions to life. ¬†What does that look like? ¬†It may be a Musician who has every musical ability in the world but doesn’t […]

September 20, 2016

Daniel and Katy’s wedding day was beautiful! ¬†I was honored to have the privilege of taking Katy’s Senior photos a few years ago. ¬†Then they contacted me about her wedding and I was so excited to get to walk through this journey with them. ¬†Daniel and Katy are such a great couple! ¬†Their marriage is centered around Christ and they both have huge hearts. ¬†While they may seem quiet, they are so much fun! ¬†And their wedding day proved it. ¬†They got married at Northport Baptist surrounded by family and friends. ¬†We then proceeded to Indian Hills Country Club for their reception. ¬†There, they¬†danced the night away as the new Mr. and Mrs! ¬†Congratulations you two! ¬†We wish you the best on this new journey in life. ¬†I know it’s going to be great!

tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1039 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1040 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1041 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1042 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1043 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1044 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1045 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1046 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1047 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1048 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1049 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1050 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1051 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1052 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1053 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1054 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1055 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1056 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1057 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1058 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1059 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1060 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1061tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1067 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1062 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1063 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1064 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1065 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1066 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1068 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1069 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1070 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1071 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1072 tuscaloosa_alabama_wedding_jmp_1073

Dress: Lady in Lace
Tuxes: Birch and Hatfield
Floral: Gary Turner
Catering: Indian Hill Country Club
Bride’s Cake: Heritage House
Groom’s Cake: Celebrations
Design: Gary Turner
Ceremony Venue: Northport Baptist Church
Reception Venue: Indian Hills Country Club
Hair: The Beauty Bar, Katie South
Makeup: The Beauty Bar, Katie South
Groom’s Ring: His dad’s
Chairs at reception: Indian Hills

Bridesmaids dresses: Lady in Lace

Videographer: Marty Hamner

DJ / Band: Soul Tide 

Linens: Indian Hills


September 3, 2016


Be uniquely you! ¬† Have you ever been¬†in a place where you feel like you can’t find your niche? ¬†You know what you are called to do in life, but instead of embracing the gifts that God has given YOU, you turn to people for direction? ¬†I’ve been there. When I first started my business, […]

August 31, 2016

Jarett and Adrienne’s wedding was a blast! ¬†Adrienne approached me about capturing her wedding day and she knew exactly what she wanted. ¬†Better yet, she said, “I trust you!” ¬†I mean, yes please. ¬†It’s a good day in the neighborhood. ¬†ūüôā

We decided to go to Southern House and Garden and capture their engagement session. ¬†(Be sure to check that out!) ¬†I got to know them a little better. ¬†It’s so weird you when you talk to a bride and you feel like she’s so much like you, just a different body. ¬†We both love photography. ¬†They happened to get married on the same day as my husband and me. ¬†Both our husbands are a foot taller than us. ¬†We are both, I like to think, down to earth. ¬†We truly did connect.

Their wedding day was beautiful! They were surrounded by friends and family. ¬†The way they interacted with their parents was truly beautiful. ¬†You could just feel the love. ¬†Jarett and Adrienne’s love for each other is a direct reflection of their love for the Lord and their families. ¬†We were honored to be part of such a beautiful chapter of their lives!

Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0998 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0999 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1000 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1001 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1002 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1003 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1004 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1005 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1006 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1007 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1008 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1009 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1010 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1011 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1012 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1013 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1014 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1015 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1016 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1017 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1018 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1019 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1020 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1021 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1022 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1023 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1024 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1025Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1032Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1028 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1026 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1027 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1029 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1030 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1031 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1033 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1034 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1035 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1036 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1037 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_1038


Vendor Team!

Dress: David’s Bridal Tuscaloosa
Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse Tuscaloosa
Floral: Southern House and Garden
Catering: Southern House and Garden
Bride’s Cake: Southern House and Garden
Groom’s Cake: Southern House and Garden
Design: Southern House and Garden
Ceremony Venue: Southern House and Garden
Reception Venue: Southern House and Garden
Hair: Meredith Gray at Totally Hair
Makeup: Christin Ray 
Embroidery for pre-wedding shirts: SouthernTLC on Etsy
Bride’s Rings: Engagement: Benny’s Jewelry in Atlanta

Wedding Band: Nancy’s Fine Jewelers & QALO

Groom’s Ring: Nancy’s Fine Jewelers & QALO
Chairs at reception: Southern House and Garden
Bridesmaids dresses: David’s Bridal Tuscaloosa
Videographer: Catherine Quarles
DJ / Band: Wayne Ingram at Party on a Budget
Linens: Southern House and Garden


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