Daniel and Katy’s Wedding

September 20, 2016

Daniel and Katy’s wedding day was beautiful!  I was honored to have the privilege of taking Katy’s Senior photos a few years ago.  Then they contacted me about her wedding and I was so excited to get to walk through this journey with them.  Daniel and Katy are such a great couple!  Their marriage is centered around Christ and they both have huge hearts.  While they may seem quiet, they are so much fun!  And their wedding day proved it.  They got married at Northport Baptist surrounded by family and friends.  We then proceeded to Indian Hills Country Club for their reception.  There, they danced the night away as the new Mr. and Mrs!  Congratulations you two!  We wish you the best on this new journey in life.  I know it’s going to be great!

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Dress: Lady in Lace
Tuxes: Birch and Hatfield
Floral: Gary Turner
Catering: Indian Hill Country Club
Bride’s Cake: Heritage House
Groom’s Cake: Celebrations
Design: Gary Turner
Ceremony Venue: Northport Baptist Church
Reception Venue: Indian Hills Country Club
Hair: The Beauty Bar, Katie South
Makeup: The Beauty Bar, Katie South
Groom’s Ring: His dad’s
Chairs at reception: Indian Hills

Bridesmaids dresses: Lady in Lace

Videographer: Marty Hamner

DJ / Band: Soul Tide 

Linens: Indian Hills

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