Matt and Courtney

August 23, 2016

 Matt and Courtney.  Where to begin.  Courtney and I met a few years ago.  Our relationship has only grown since then.  We quickly figured out that our personalities are very much alike.  Matt and Courtney met and Courtney came to me about this guy she was seeing.  I told her just to pray about it and seek the Lord.  She did just that.  Matt is everything she’s prayed for and I’m so thankful for that, for both of them.  They wanted their wedding day to represent their love for Jesus and it did just that.  They were surrounded by such an incredible wedding party and the support of their families is so evident.  I’m so thankful I got to be a part of such a beautiful day that not only shined the light of Jesus, but that also shined their love for each other.  Thank you, Matt and Courtney, for allowing Mitchell and me to be a part of this new journey.  I’m so PROUD of you both and I can not wait to see how your story is told!
Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0940Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0941 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0942 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0943 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0944 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0945 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0946 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0947 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0948 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0949 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0950 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0951
Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0957 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0961 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0962 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0963
Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0964 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0965 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0966 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0967 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0968 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0969 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0970 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0971 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0972 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0973 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0974 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0975 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0976 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0977 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0978 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0979 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0980 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0981 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0982
Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0983 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0984 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0985 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0986 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0987 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0989 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0990 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0991 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0992 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0993 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0994 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0995 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0996 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0997
Vendor Team: 
Tux: Men’s Wearhouse
Bride’s Cake: Jan Barnett at Barnett Bakery
Groom’s Cake: Ice Cream bar by Stonebridge Farms
Ceremony Venue: Chapel at Stonebridge Farms
Reception Venue: Belle Vue Hall at Stonebridge Farms
Hair and Makeup: Brittany Massey at BBM
Bride Ring: Classique
Bride Band: Atara
Groom Band: Frederick Goldman
Chairs: Stonebridge Farms
Bridesmaid dresses: Bill Levkoff
See Wedding Video Here:

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