Matt and Courtney

October 27, 2015

Matt and Courtney are engaged!  I’m so excited to be capturing their wedding on New Year’s Eve in Tuscaloosa!  I got to hang out with them a couple weeks ago and capture their Engagement Session and we had a great time!  They are a beautiful couple, inside and out.   It’s  a beautiful thing to a Photographer’s ears when her bride and groom say, “I trust you, do your thing!” Thanks Courtney and Matt!  You guys are awesome.  Here’s to a great Engagement Session and a beautiful wedding day!
Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0132 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0133 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0134 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0135 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0136 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0137 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0138 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0139 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0140 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0141 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0142 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0143 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0144

Water Oaks Farm

North River Yacht Club

Jennifer McAteer Photography

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