September 9, 2015

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that I am unapologetically a tad obsessed with sunsets.  As one of my friends said to me recently, “Ya think?!” 😉  But I am truly fascinated at sunsets.  God is so awesome at creating things unique.  No two are the same.  No two people, no two fingerprints, no two animals, no two sunsets, and the list goes on.  It shows me that He cares about the small details.

I’ve decided to start a “sunset” series.  It won’t be my post every Tuesday.  There will, however, be a section just for sunsets that I love.  Below is a starter.  Unless otherwise noted, all of these are in Tuscaloosa and/or Northport, AL.  Check them out.  And be sure to come back next week!  A new wedding will be on the blog! 🙂

Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0063Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0064Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0066Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0067 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0065

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