Matt and Courtney’s New Year’s Eve Wedding

January 12, 2016

We had SO much fun at Matt and Courtney’s New Year’s Eve wedding!  I met with Courtney and her mom last year and they told me they were planning a New Year’s Eve wedding.  I was super excited.  🙂  We started planning shortly after.  I had the opportunity to capture Courtney and Matt’s Engagement Session (be sure to check that out here), and then Courtney’s Bridal Session.  They were  one of my favorite couples to work with in 2015!  They, along with their family and friends, were  so much fun!  To end our night with them, Courtney got up and performed her favorite song, Fancy, by Reba!  (I pretty much love that song as well.)  It was pretty incredible.  New Years Eve, Football, and Reba all in one night.  I mean, come on!  So much fun!  Check out their wedding and show them some love.  We had a blast and can’t wait to see what their future holds!
Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0214 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0215 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0216 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0217 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0218 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0219 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0220 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0221 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0222 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0223Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0256
Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0224 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0225 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0226 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0227 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0228 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0229 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0230
Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0231 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0232 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0234Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0233Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0235 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0236 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0237 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0238 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0239 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0240 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0241 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0244Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0242 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0243Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0246 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0247 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0250 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0251Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0254 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0252 Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0253Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0245Tuscaloosa_Alabama_Wedding_JMP_0248

Dress:  Lady in Lace
Tuxes:  Burch and Hatfield
Floral:  Carmelita Coan
Catering: Carmelita Coan
Bride’s Cake: Marys Cakes 
Groom’s Cake:  That Cheesecake Lady
Design: Special Events 
Ceremony & Reception Venue:  Water Oaks Farm
Hair:  Ashley Vines
Makeup: Ashley Vines
Groom & Bride’s Rings:  Fincher and Ozment
Chairs at reception:  Special Events
Bridesmaids dresses:  Bella’s Bridesmaids 
DJ / Band: DJ ProtoJ
Linens:  Special Events
Videography: Awaken Films

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  1. Regina Sparks

    January 12th, 2016 at 11:54 pm

    Wishing Courtney and Matt a great future!!!! The wedding pictures were awesome!!