Wedding Bands and DJs

June 26, 2018

Bands and DJs, honestly, can make or break your reception.  I absolutely LOVE a good band and DJ that can and will keep the crowd engaged and going.  Below you’ll find Bands and DJs that we have worked with that do just that.  They keep your guests engaged in the evening, and on their feet!  If certain people are not listed below, that doesn’t mean we don’t like them or support them.  The people listed below are ones that we have personally worked with AND keep people going.  I’d love to add to this list as we go on, so keep a look for more DJ and Band recommendations soon!



Elite Productions – DJ


Elite Productions – PHOTO BOOTH

We have worked with Dustin and his crew numerous times and every time is a great time!  In addition to his DJ services, he provides a great PhotoBooth option that can be added on to your package.  They provide a scrapbook type layout and your guests get to leave you, the couple, a well wish or signature, along with one set of their photo strips.  They get to keep the other set (a duplicate) copy as a keepsake!  It’s awesome.  Trust me!

Photo Booth



Steve Rayborn – DJ


Clint The Gent


Happy Trails Photo Booth 

Happy Trails Photo Booth




bands and djs bands and djs bands and djs



Kaze and the Shiners

bands and djs bands and djs bands and djs



The Divines

bands and djs



The Elliot Davis Band

bands and djs



The Retreat

bands and djs bands and djs



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