What to know when hiring an Event Designer

August 19, 2019

Do you ever wonder what to know when hiring an Event Designer?  We’ve gotten together with one of our favorite Event Designers and picked their brain just for you!  Onsite Productions works around the southeast making venues look beautiful.  We asked them to let us know what YOU needed to know when hiring an Event Designer!


Onsite Productions

Photography by: JMP Weddings


What to know when hiring an Event Designer by:

Onsite Productions

Is what I’m looking for in my budget range?

After either a visit to your venue to discuss your design plan or a planning meeting in our office, we will create a customized quote for what your design ideas will cost. If we know ahead of time what your budge range is, we can usually give you an idea of what can be accomplished within that range. We like to obtain your most encompassing plan, then scale back if need be, so you can decide what’s the most important to you.

What if I have no clue what my budget is?

We recommend taking the time, before hiring your vendors, to make a budget of some kind. It will not only help you when working with your event vendors to give them expectations, but it really aids you in the process of not overcommitting yourself along the way. We can always quote your event without knowing budget numbers, but it saves a lot of time and heartache if you figure this out first.

When I should I book drapery and/or lighting services?

We get bookings years out and some within thirty days of the event. We recommend booking your drapery and/or lighting at least three months from your event date. If you have a planner, we are usually brought into the conversation around the time the floral designer is booked so that we can coordinate with their plan as well. If we are able to accommodate, we will do our best to make short turn around times happen. It all depends on the availability of the products needed and how many events are booked for your date.

Can you make my Pinterest dreams come true?

Pinterest photos can be tricky, but we will do our best to use those photos as inspiration to make your design dream come true! Budget, availability of products, whether the photos have been photoshopped, or the photo was from an inspiration photoshoot can all be factors in re-creating your pin. We are happy to work with you towards your pin goals!

What sets your company apart from another production type company?

Communication and premier products is what we feel sets us a part. Our team pours over the details regarding your day prior to your event date to ensure there is nothing left behind. We try to leave no assumptions on the table and contact our clients if there are any questions beforehand or work with them if something comes up during the setup of the day. We are also pretty proud of our products and providing a beautiful finished product that will be remembered for years to come!

What if I have to make a change last minute, like call a rain plan if my event is outside?

This is where communication is key for us! We normally ask for at least 4 days notice for a rain plan to ensure we can provide the level of service and products expected. We can normally substitute material or move the plan inside of a tent or structure with minimal changes. While we cannot subtract items to reduce cost at that point, if there are additional products needed, we inform our clients during the conversation so they can make a decision regarding extra cost and materials.


Venues in Photos: 

Cypress Inn Pavilion

The Barn at Shady Lane


JMP Weddings

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