What to know when hiring a DJ

August 22, 2019

What to know when hiring a DJ – with Elite Productions


A DJ can make or break your reception vibe.  You plan your wedding, you hire the DJ, you plan for a night of dancing and good times, and then wam.  The DJ has no personality.  He only plays your playlist and doesn’t get your guests excited.  DON’T HIRE A BAD DJ! 🙂

We got together with one of our favorites, Elite Productions, and picked his brain on what you should know when hiring a DJ.  He’s amazing at what he does.  He’s sought out all around the south for his mad DJ skills.  He keeps your guests involved.  He breaks out all the magic to make sure your wedding reception or big event is what you hoped it would be!  Additionally, Elite Productions offers a killer Photo Booth!  Check it out at the bottom of this post!


Elite Productions

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Elite Productions tips for brides to ask their Dj’s before hiring.

1. Ask how many years of experience they have with weddings.  Most of the best wedding Dj’s we know have an average of 8 years experience.  There are DJ’s, and then you have Wedding Dj’s. Some can do both but a wedding dj requires a broader range of music for all ages. The years of experience definitely come into play when achieving this.
2. Ask your Dj if weddings are their profession, or is it a side gig. Usually a Dj that does this as a profession will take more pride in his work, and his reputation.
3. Ask if they are comfortable using a microphone.  A DJ that is comfortable on the microphone is sure to get your guest motivated for a good experience.  Sometimes your guest need a little motivation to bring those fun dance moves to the floor. We always encourage dance moves that relate to the time era, and those that correlate with certain artist.  Everyone usually forgets how much they love to air guitar until you remind them during a great solo.
4. Does your Dj play games with the Bride and Groom.  Not always will you need games, but the option needs to be there.  This tip isn’t super important, but it is one that we would ask.
5. Make sure your Dj has a thorough contract that states all info, and equipment.  We’ve had many brides call us last minute because their Dj cancelled on them. We always hate to hear about these stories.
6. Do not procrastinate, If you have a Dj in mind call them as soon as you are engaged.  A great Dj will usually start booking up dates 2 years out.
7. Ask about the Dj’s sound equipment.  Make sure they have reputable sound.  Bad sound is very noticeable to your guest, and can be quite irritating to them. You want your guest to stay, and enjoy the music.
8. Ask about their lighting. Is it manually controlled or sound active?  You do not want sound active lighting. This lighting will move with any sound, and this is something that your photographer will hate during your first dances of the evening.  Manual controlled lighting can be controlled to a certain color, and to move on cue, this way the dj can help your photographer acquire the right lighting in the room for perfect pictures.
We hope these tips can help you choose the perfect Dj for your wedding, that will help you create some everlasting memories on the dance floor.


What to know when hiring a DJ

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