Do you love photography, but hate the business side of things? Does the idea of business plans, marketing schedules, and systems make you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Do you ever wish that you could just shoot and hang out with clients, and someone else would do everything else? Is building your business as important to you as raising your family and you just aren’t quite sure how to strike that important balance? Do you find yourself planning your family around your business and your busy season? Do you find that you can’t find the right clients because you don’t have the time or money to invest in your business and don’t understand marketing, or wish you had someone to help you regularly along the way?  

JMP Weddings is an exclusive photography team built around the idea that families come first and together we can do it all! By joining our team, we make it possible for you to do what you love without having to sacrifice your time with your family! No more worrying about contracts and systems and all the business side of things. We take care of all the back end stuff, editing, and marketing and give you the jump start you need to get the clients you want. Plus you will get amazing and consistent hands on training so you can better your skills, raise your prices quickly, and book your ideal brides faster. By working as part of our exclusive team, you can be busy when you want to be, book when you want to book, and have the time with your family when you need it without having to worry about business falling through the cracks. Whether its maternity leave, holidays, weekends off, or vacations you don’t have to worry that living your life will keep you from being successful. You can have a life and make a great living!

– Tuscaloosa, Alabama and surrounding areas Photographer
– Tuscaloosa and Surrounding areas Wedding Photographer

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